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Our Live from Strength™ services guide you to ever greater levels of personal success, joy and fulfillment through discovering and fully utilizing your unique purpose and individual gifts. To Live from Strength™ means living a truly authentic, meaningful and fulfilling life!
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Our mission at Ottum Enterprises is to guide aspiring and successful people to ever greater levels of success and personal fulfillment. Through our personalized processes of self-discovery, we guide you to fully utilize the power of your strengths (your unique gifts) to intentionally, purposefully and authentically live your dreams, today and every day.
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Get Wayne Ottum's new book Live from Strength and discover your unique gifts and the incredible power already within you and take your life to the next level!
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Empower yourself to live your dreams through the Personal Growth Challengeprocess. Work one-on-one with a consultant to create a compelling vision that drives you forward. Discover your purpose, one that embodies your unique strengths, capabilities, and passions and brings meaning and fulfillment to your life! Develop a customized action plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps to get you where you want to go. Using our simple and effective process, applied from proven business principles, you will overcome the obstacles in your way and live YOUR authentic life. Team up with a consultant TODAY and experience the Personal Growth Challenge™!

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Discover the POWER of...
- Using your unique gifts to drive the success you desire...
- Acting each day with intention, purpose and integrity...
- Living a more joyful and fulfilling life!
Whether you simply want to take your life to the next level or you have a pressing personal performance issue, get clear, practical advice from Wayne Ottum, creator of Live from Strength™ methodology, with a FREE, no obligation consultation.  YOU and your life are the focus of this consultation, and Wayne will guide you to discover and implement the answers you seek.  Answers that are in alignment with you and your authentic self!

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